benwyattandcondescendingturtles asked:
Hi there! Thank you so much for the follow! So glad to see that you are a fellow parks and rec fan (amongst other wonderful things)! :D Hope you don't mind my Parks and Rec/Adam Scott spam that tends to permeate through my blog! Please feel free to ask me anything or chat via my ask. I love getting to know my followers! If it's not too stalkery, would you mind telling me a bit about yourself? THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR THE FOLLOW!

Well hey pal! and don’t be ridiculous! I live for Parks and Rec/Adam Scott spam

Not at all! :D I’m Lola; high school senior and typical angsty, self-satisfied teenager! I have an affliction for pop culture and celebrities that poses a series problem when I’m trying to interact with my peers. Especially since I could talk entertainment for hours, and other 18 year olds can only hold a one topic conversation for about 7 minutes, haha xD At the moment, I’m all about NBC comedies. Especially Parks and Rec and Community

Thanks for being so friendly! :) I forgot Tumblr was filled with super cool cats, haha! And your blog is definitely worth following, so it’s no problem!